Staying 'above the line'

Social/emotional learning is an important part of growing up. So many of us carry negative thinking habits learned in childhood into our adult lives. Top 20 training helps scholars to identify and change negative thought patterns. This helps create a safe and healthy school community and eliminates roadblocks to clear communication and enhanced achievement. The tenets of the program include:


• Honor the absent: Speak well of those who are not present.

• Help others succeed: How could I help others succeed in ways that I am not currently doing?

• Communicate “you matter.”  Listen to understand, and value differences. This reinforces our belief that we are all beloved children of God.

•  See the problem, own the problem, which reinforces shared responsibility and problem solving in our school community.


Staying “above the line” means you are applying these tenets in your relationships and building positive mental habits.


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Ascension Catholic School offers many ways for the community to engage. If you are interesting in volunteering or becoming a donor, you can take a tour specifically designed for donors and volunteers, attend a semi-annual Hope & Progress breakfast, join us at our monthly school mass, and give generously to special annual collections at the Basilica of St. Mary or Holy Name of Jesus.


If you would like to donate or volunteer, call 612 424-6206 or email for more information. If you are interested getting a tour for the purpose of enrolling a child, please call 612 521-3609.



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