Ascension School opened a second technology lab this school year to give students more hands-on time at the computer.

The profound success of the students at Ascension School relies heavily on the success of its curriculum.

Core Knowledge Curriculum in Science, Social Studies and Literature

The Core Knowledge curriculum provides a strong foundation in science, literature and social studies, a rich vocabulary, and the knowledge necessary for higher levels of learning. It is a curriculum developed by E.D. Hirsh. Ascension faculty and administration added a strong cultural dimension that mirrors the school’s population to this curriculum.

Saxon Math

The Saxon Math curriculum is based on strong review of facts and skills. It ensures a student’s ability to gain and retain problem-solving concepts and use them in real-world situations. These ideals are encouraged through daily morning meetings in each classroom that encourage students to experience the practical application of the math they are learning.

Superkids Reading

Kindergarten through second grade has formed a partnership with Superkids. We offer this early literacy program to produce skillful readers and writers. It guarantees reading by the end of second grade.

More  information on this comprehensive reading and language arts program.

Other subjects

  • Art
  • Choir
  • Physical Education
  • Technology
  • Music

In addition, every third grade student at Ascension learns to play the violin through our partnership with MacPhail Center for Music.

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