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Q. What drives the success of Ascension Catholic School while North Side Minneapolis Schools are underperforming?

  • Strong academics: Ascension has a rigorous curriculum, high expectations for every scholar and a strong communication system between families, teachers and scholars.
  • Safety: Our protocols provide a sanctuary of peace and ensure a campus free of violence.
  • Education of the whole child:  Our school’s curriculum, extended-day programs and extra-curricular activities provide a rich experience that includes art, music, technology, physical education, athletics and religious education.
  • Superb nutrition: Children have a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack each day, often their only meals of the day. We are a “no-sugar zone,” intentionally choosing to offer a food program that does not include food additives or preserved foods.

Q. Who pays for this?

Because Ascension Catholic School turns no child away because of a family’s inability to pay full tuition, we rely on the generosity of others who believe in the transformative power of our school. Of our 2013-14 revenue,

  • 54% came from direct contributions from individuals
  • 10% from our Friends of Ascension Investment Fund
  • 15% from foundations, organizations and sister congregations
  • 15% from Archdiocesan gifts
  • 6% from tuition, fees and school fundraisers

Q. How do you spend the money that is raised?

  • 80% goes to teacher and staff salaries and benefits
  • 4% academic costs such as books and supplies
  • 10% maintenance, utilities and other building costs
  • 2% administrative costs
  • 4% fundraising costs

 Q. What happens to students after they graduate from Ascension?

Ascension Catholic School graduates go on to rigorous high schools such as Benilde-St. Margaret, Christo Rey, Southwest, Wayzata, De LaSalle and Visitiation. From there they succeed at colleges such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, College of St. Benedict, St. John’s University and other top-notch schools.

Q. How can I get involved?

  • Gifts of talent and time

Ascension Catholic School has many ways for individuals or groups to volunteer. We would be happy to explore your interest in giving your time and talent.

  • Financial contributions

Our most significant source of support comes from individuals and private foundations. We ask you to think of the $7,000 cost of educating one child as you consider supporting our transformational school.

  • Bring others

We have regular tours, celebrations and other events to help people learn more about the Ascension Way and how you might engage with us. Don’t miss our annual Christmas program in early December.

Q. How can I get more information?

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