Uniforms must be worn by every student. They must be purchased at
Donald’s Uniform Store
972 Payne Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55130
651 776-2723

We do have used uniforms for a much-reduced price in the school’s Main Office. Sizes vary.

Girls Uniforms

Girls must wear a gray skirt with a white knit polo shirt (long or short sleeve) and a red (lipstick color) sweater vest, pullover or cardigan. Socks must be white or red with no designs and must cover at least 2 inches above the ankle bone. If pants are worn in cold weather, they must be removed in the school unless they are the designated black stretch knit leggings that can be purchased at Donald’s. If you have a question, please ask it before you purchase. We want to make sure your child is properly attired in the regulation uniform.

All girls’ skirt hems must touch the middle of the knee all the way around. Therefore, it is important to hem the skirt longer at the beginning of the school year to account for growth that the student makes in the school year. Skirts must also fit loosely around the hips so that it flows correctly.

Junior High girls have a gray twill pants option, and they may wear flesh colored stockings instead of socks if they desire. The gray twill uniform pants can be purchased at Donald’s as well.

Boys Uniforms

The boys must wear gray pants with a white knit polo shirt (short or long sleeved) and a red (lipstick color) sweater vest, pullover or cardigan. These must be purchased at Donald’s Uniform Store.

Boys and Girls Uniforms

Athletic shoes are the best option for all students.
• Boots – fashion boots, outdoorboots, moccasin boots – will not be allowed to be worn in the school building.
• Athletic shoes that come up higher than two inches above the ankle are not acceptable.
• Students who come to school out of uniform will be sent home.
• Uniforms must be kept clean
• Shirts must be tucked in
• No oversized or “sagged” pants
• No tight pants
• No facial jewelry or dyed hair allowed
• Absolutly no make-up is allowed on students at Ascension Catholic School.

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