Bishop Howell from Shiloh Temple conducted a special prayer service for the school.

Ascension Catholic School works cooperatively with several North Side organizations:

Northside Achievement Zone

The NAZ Promise Neighborhood is a collaboration of organizations and schools partnering with families in North Minneapolis to prepare children to graduate from high school ready for college. Families and children move through a “cradle-to-career” pipeline that provides comprehensive support from pre-natal through college to career Ascension is a NAZ Anchor School, which means we have a team approach to academic achievement for our NAZ students:

  • 1 adult Academic Navigator who supports and prescribes academic evolution plans
  • 2 adult NAZ Connectors to register our families living in the NAZ Zone into our school
  • NAZ Latchkey Academy curriculum in reading and math for after-school enrichment
  • Teacher Effectiveness Training
  • $10,000 for incidentals
  • $350 for each NAZ student who attends Ascension’s Super Language and Math Summer Program
  • Budgeted funds for program support
  • 1 adult AmeriCorps Promise Fellow

Learn more about NAZ.

Northside Child Development Center

Northside Child Development Center is a child care center located on Dupont Avenue N. and Plymouth Avenue. It is run by Catholic Charities and the state of Minnesota. The partnership between the center and Ascension is mutually beneficial:

  • Northside Child Development Center recommends Ascension Catholic School to families.
  • Principal Dorwatha Woods conducts parent education sessions at Northside with topics such as how to prepare children for kindergarten.
  • Preschool students visit Ascension School once a month for the Book Buddies Program.

Learn more about Northside Child Development Center.

Shiloh Temple International Ministries

We have many children at Ascension School whose families worship at Shiloh Temple, an African American Pentecostal church on West Broadway. Shiloh Temple’s Bishop Richard D. Howell Jr. began recommending Ascension to his congregation after he toured the school. He determined that Ascension and Shiloh have like-minded spiritually and was impressed by the educational opportunity Ascension offers.

Learn more about Shiloh Temple.

Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Community

Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Community in Wayzata, Minn., has been a long-time supporter of Ascension parish and school. Holy Name parishioners hold an annual St. Patrick’s Day Party, which is a major element of this support. It has raised nearly $2 million since it began.

Learn more about Holy Name of Jesus.

MacPhail Center for the Arts

Ascension Catholic School’s collaboration with MacPhail began in 1989.

Musical Trolley

This program is offered to our Kindergarten classrooms once per week spanning throughout the school year. The class is taught by a teacher from the MacPhail Center for the Arts. It incorporates an introduction to musical instruments, vocal music, children’s literature, dramatization and art.

Musical World

This program is offered to our first graders. It is taught by a MacPhail teacher on the same schedule as Musical Trolly. It is a continuation of the skills taught in Musical Trolley on a higher, more sophisticated level.

Musical Adventures

This program is offered to our second graders. It is taught by a MacPhail teacher on the same schedule as Musical Trolley.  It is a highly sophisticated class that seeks to enhance the students’ understanding of rhythm, storytelling, musical improvisation and much more.

Violin for Children

This program is offered to our 3rd graders. The students receive one full class instruction plus one small-group violin lesson weekly from a MacPhail teachers. This program begins the formal and on-going instrumental lessons.

Private Lessons

Students in the fourth grade who excelled to the expectation of the MacPhail teachers in the third grade advance to the private string instrument and orchestra lessons at MacPhail Center for the Arts once a week during the school year. There is a parent component involved in the program, and solid commitment to daily music practices for the student is required.

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