Together, We Can Build It!

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For a child, what’s the difference between a parking lot and a playground?

Many of us never had to ask the question growing up, because playgrounds have been part of our educational landscape for so long. But despite being around for more than 125 years, Ascension has never had one! As the Ascension Club Building transitioned  from family activities to community and classroom space, scholars and neighborhood children have been spending recess outside on the blacktop.

Today, the parking lot provides plenty of space to run and play, but on a playground children learn about using their imagination, about sharing and patience. They build physical abilities such as coordination and strength. Plus, it is safer than asphalt.

The “footprint” of Ascension’s future playground is cut into the school parking lot. Kids and families are excited about what it will look like by the end of the summer. But we need your help to make that next step:  the first playground at Ascension in 125 years! 

Ascension PlaygroundPlease consider making a gift at any of these levels or whatever you can do.

  • Hop on the Wobble Pod:                   $25
  • Push a Swing:                                      $50
  • Go Down the Slide:                            $100
  • Twirl the Tire Swing:                         $250
  • Do the Monkey Bars:                         $500
  • Climb to the Top of the Skyrail:      $1,000



Ascension Catholic School has never had a playground! After more than 125 years, it is time to change that. We are turning a portion of our parking lot that now doubles as a play area into a safe playground to encourage exercise and cooperative play.

Many Ascension Scholars live in apartments with limited or no safe outside play spaces. Exercising their bodies by jumping, climbing, sliding and swinging will help scholars be ready to exercise their minds by learning.

Thanks to a generous donor, your gift will be matched 2 for 1. If you give $25, it will be matched by $50. If you give $100, it will be matched by $200. Our goal is $30,000. This will enable us to build the playground plus purchase benches, basketball hoops and soccer nets.


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